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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

In his own artistic career, Pearson is intrigued by nature, but not simply capturing nature as we know and see it through a lens every day. Instead, he wants to capture the elements, the life within nature that makes it so fascinating and exciting. “Waves, wind, leaves, trees—all of that interacting is a source that I pull from, whether I’m painting directly from nature or even just crafting an abstraction,” he says. “I like to ask myself, ‘If I were to capture nature ‘s process on a flat surface, how would I do it?’” By luck or fate, Harvest is located right next to the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and Pearson has seized the opportunity to teach a painting class there.

“I can look back now and really appreciate those years when it was just me in my studio,” says Pearson about how his work is evolving. “Now that my children and my business aren’t so young, I have this hunger to get back to that.” Pearson recently turned a painting of Jimi Hendrix that he did in college into a print, almost as a reminder and a representation of the energy he had in his early days of painting, something that Pearson looks forward to harnessing again. 

Creativity is spirituality looking for a form. It is a quest of the human spirit to find somehow a way of flowing
 with the universal pulse that runs through all things…The organization of a work of art should be such that
 it ties you to a sense of the eternal, ongoing rhythmic, pulsing process that is life itself.” – Sam Feinstein

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