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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

As an artist who values art that affects, that moves and exudes a lively spirit, it should come as no surprise that Pearson often finds himself inspired by music. The logo and name of his bar is, after all, a nod to the great Neil Young. “I knew that this bar was going to be a cooperative experience, so I didn’t want to name it after myself,” he says. “The name Harvest intrigued me because it relates to the local movement, and by definition “to gather in” seemed like what I wanted to do. It felt like it matched the brand I wanted to create, and on top of that the logo for the Neil Young album by the same name also had the right feel.” The serendipitous combination of a homage to natural, local food and a nod to live music that is captured in the word “Harvest” was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Pearson recreated the Neil Young album logo himself, carefully creating the perfect representation for his brand as he does with every aspect of his business. “I love Neil Young because he always does what he feels like he needs to do as an artist. I couldn’t help myself,” says Pearson with a laugh. 

“All the clichés are true,” says Pearson. “We work with incredible people, and I get to be like the creative director. It’s amazing to see things born out of ideas in a room.” Pearson credits his general manager, Johnny Martinez, with much of the recent success and growth of Harvest. “Johnny’s been instrumental,” he says.

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