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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

A restaurant industry pro by trade, Martinez’s passion is cocktails, and he’s created a menu for Harvest that is centered on fresh ingredients, incredible spirits and, above all, mindful originality—something that fits well with the concept of Harvest. “The new cocktail menu is a creative menu for the creative people who come here,” he says. “One of the things that I learned early on is that the menu that works best is one that’s made for the guests.” 

The philosophy that Harvest has adopted with their whole program is one of sustainability and engagement. “As a small place, it’s imperative for us to refine our niche. The people that come here are really interested in and engaged with what we’re serving,” explains Pearson. “It’s a story, and that’s what we want to support. Guest come in and hear a story about the art, the musician, the wine, or where the oysters come from. That’s key for us.” 

“The Cape environment inspires what I make because of the people who are the ones drinking the cocktails,” adds Martinez, whose favorite cocktail on the menu is “The After Party”—an inventive twist on an Old Fashioned. “People from all walks of life come in here on any given day, and my job is to hear their stories and to learn from them always.”

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