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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

Martinez, like Pearson, finds himself inspired by music. From an inventive kitchen staff to spirited bartenders, Harvest cultivates imagination and that carries over into the nightlife. On any given night, it’s not unlikely to see former and current staff members on the docket for entertainment. Former Harvest bartender Molly Parmenter, for example, and her band, the Molly Parmenter Trio, can often be found at the front of the house, bringing the dynamic, artistic nature of Harvest full circle with a hauntingly beautiful acoustic sound. “If I were to paint Harvest, I’d definitely have to do it with the paintings on the wall crooked,” jokes Pearson. “I always find myself straightening them the morning after a lively show.”

“One of the great things about Harvest is that every single individual on the staff has a creative spirit,” says Martinez. “The development in the cocktail menu, the food menu, the wine list, the entertainment schedule doesn’t just evolve from myself or Michael, it’s the entire staff.”

“At Harvest, I’m surrounded by things that inspire—not just the people but also the artwork. This environment in itself is inspiring,” says Martinez in a perfect summation of all that makes this place special. 

For Pearson, as for his mentor Sam Feinstein, art is something tangible, something lively and eye-catching, and something that makes you feel because it captures the very essence and incredible, diverse color of life itself. Harvest is in many ways a work of art itself, embodying that spirit, connecting people with its inventive nature and, above all, with its relatability. There is perhaps no better celebration of art than that—a place that makes you feel not only welcome but inspired, not only accepted but understood. As Pearson puts it, “I might be the guy that owns the place, but all of these creative people that live on the Cape are the ones who really make the place.”

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