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Hit the ground running!

Hit the ground running! | Cape Cod LIFE August 2016

Participants in Marathon Sports’ Tuesday night running club pose for a recent group photo. Courtesy of Dave Corbett/Marathon Sports

5. Fill up the calendar

On every weekend of the year one can find races within driving distance, each offering a unique course and feel. Petrovek says road races have changed over the years, and many of the events today are as much about running as they are about socializing—and taking part in the post-race event. “Now you run races with people instead of against people,” he says. “Twenty, 25 years ago, it was a battle out there.”

Corbett concurs. “Some people are there to finish and others to compete,” he says. “It’s doesn’t matter. It’s more about being active and having fun.”

6. Enjoy the runner’s high.

Ever heard of the runner’s high? It’s for real, Petrovek says. “It’s a good drug,” he says of the feeling many runners experience during and after runs. “It gets your body’s endorphins going and it can change a lot of people’s lives.”

Corbett says running puts him in a better place mentally, “I’m more energized during the day and I love getting out there in the morning for a run,” he says. “It sets the tone for the entire day. In short, it makes you happy.”

7. Running can relieve stress

“Running is the cheapest psychiatrist you’ll ever find,” Corbett says with a laugh. “I tell people that all the time.” No joking aside, he adds that running is a great stress reliever for a lot of people. “No matter what’s going on in your life, if you get out there and have enough time by yourself, you can relax and clear your mind from all the stresses of life,” Corbett says. “And if great things are happening in your life, it’s a chance to soak it all in.”

8. It can be a lot of fun!

After reading reasons one through seven, what are you waiting for? Get out there and run!

A freelance writer from Hull, Nancy White is a regular contributor to Cape Cod LIFE magazine.

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