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Kitchen Inspiration: Lakefront Living

The relaxation and adventure found across the Cape and Islands takes a variety of form. For some, a serene marsh view casts a zen-like vibe, for some a salt waterfront perch where boats are on parade is the definition of coastal living, and for others, the diamond glints of sunlight dancing on the region’s kettle ponds with echoes of children laughing equals the epitome of summer on Cape Cod.

For one set of homeowners that live year round on Wequaquet Lake in Centerville, the surrounding environment defines the love of their Cape home. The original design is one of the ubiquitous post-modern ‘deck houses’ that dot the Cape landscape, most often in the sun filtered woods that abound throughout the region.

Designer Barbara Darcy of Classic Kitchens and Interiors in Hyannis assumed responsibility for the project shortly after the homeowners had determined the plan. Darcy says that the homeowners wanted to keep the lake view at the forefront of the project goals, as a result, upper cabinets that might have blocked the view, were deliberately omitted from the design. In addition, they wanted a comfortable and accessible space that could be shared with family and friends with room to spare. 

The new layout also provides a nook for a small sitting area that allows comfortable interaction with all of the action, both in the kitchen and outside along the shore.  A modest-sized center island, with the kitchen’s sole sink, functions as the hub for the culinary activity, but also allows the homeowner to focus on the lake while standing at the sink—like the traditional design of a window over the sink, but so much better! “The homeowners had actually made a temporary kitchen and worked with that layout for a while. They even constructed an island that was similar to that size to see if they enjoyed living with it,” Darcy explains.

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