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Living the Good Life

Outdoor kitchen, West Barnstable

Family and friends can pull up a seat at the bar area and enjoy a refreshing beverage.

“If a client starts with us and is looking for us to refer somebody that’s a really solid general contractor, we love referring Lineal,” Meader says. “Ben has a wealth of technical experience and resources; he just brings so much to every project I’ve ever worked on with him.” As much as Meader and LaMora enjoyed a rewarding collaboration on the project, they feel equally as delighted to have worked with Michelle. “She’s the warmest, friendliest personality you can imagine,” says Meader. “Oh, she’s the best,” adds LaMora. “She’s so fun. It makes such a difference for our experience when we’re working for somebody who can really appreciate what we’re doing. This is the homeowner that makes you wish for them all to be like her—someone who is totally engaged and into it.”

For Michelle and Neil, this outdoor kitchen now serves as the backdrop of the magical moments they envisioned enjoying with family and friends. The home is just a half-mile away from the beach and ocean at Sandy Neck, and while she and her family still love spending time in the sand, Michelle now doesn’t have to leave her own backyard to find paradise. It’s palpable the shear delight in her voice as she imagines the coming summer—cooking with family, lounging by the pool and dining underneath a sky full of stars, surrounded by the delicate sounds of music playing and waves gently cascading from the hot tub’s waterfall. “It’s just going to be awesome,” she says. “We will literally live outside.”

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