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This wooded wonderland in Falmouth is straight out of a fantasy story

The interior draws from the many varying colors of the trees outside the home—from off-white on a dry, sunny day to warm purple after a fresh rain shower. The lighting fixtures hang above the island as a perfect homage to Neubauer’s artful design.

“People don’t always realize how many great places there are in Falmouth,” says Judi. “We feel like we hit the lottery.” On a beautiful sunny day, with people in the living room enjoying snacks together, she and Larry like to open up the doors and windows and bask in the natural connection between inside and out, listening to the waves crash along the shore. Judi refers to it as a great gift that Neubauer gave them—being able to share this place they love so much with all the people they care about. 

Like the interior, the landscape outside can only be described as a mindful abstraction. Native plantings and creative walkways turn the property into a visual thesis on the many intricacies and inspirations of design.

“My husband always jokes, ‘This is the best bed & breakfast around, and the best part is you don’t get billed,” laughs Judi. And then on top of it all, there’s Larry’s favorite part—the outdoor pizza oven.

“To me, it’s about making a building from the story of the family and the story of the land,” says Neubauer about the intimate relationship between an architect, a family and their home. As with any great tale, Neubauer has found her own way to incorporate a wooded wilderness into her masterpiece, to build a story that transports her audience into a fanciful world of color and personality. As for what’s beyond this Falmouth oasis? Well, as the Rat explains in The Wind in the Willows, “Beyond the Wild Wood comes the Wild World…”

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