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O: Oceanfront

Photo courtesy of Emmagail Photography 2016 / Aerial Advantage

“Oceanfront homes are in a category by themselves,” Cataldo remarks. “They do not make any more oceanfront property. Clients need to hire the right professionals upfront to accomplish their goals and maximize the value of their site. Most sites are very unique, each with its own potential. The builder, the architect, an engineer, an interior designer and landscape architect are key members that should be on the team as early as possible to understand the client’s goals so nothing goes off track. Each team needs a good quarterback.” And like a good quarterback, Cataldo is often found in the huddle with his team at a client’s new project.

Previously, Cataldo had a successful career as a senior engineer and corporate manager in the high-tech industry. One project included completing a 750,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the 1980s. After years in the corporate world, Cataldo decided to leave his high-tech career in Boston behind and remain on the Cape full-time, forging ahead in the building business instead. In 1982, he built his first house in East Falmouth. “It took years to get the nerve to quit the career I went to college for. Thirty-seven years ago, I built my first house, a 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom ranch,” Cataldo recalls. “Transitioning from senior engineer to beginner builder with a young family was a risky move, especially with all of the local talent that was already established on the Cape.”  

Today, the company has been building some of the most remarkable properties on the Cape for almost thirty years, all while successfully collaborating with some of the premier architects, and subcontractors of the region. Cataldo Builders focuses primarily on new custom homes and major remodels, while servicing and maintaining a majority of their homes. Cataldo’s knowledgeable team of employees, some with over 30 years of experience, ensure the thought and expertise going into each project is top-notch. Cataldo deliberately limits their projects annually to ensure individual budgets and schedules are under control at all times. “We communicate well as a team and are always available. This is absolutely key in ensuring client satisfaction on every project,” Cataldo adds. 

Photo courtesy of Dan Cutrona

After years of building dream oceanfront homes, Cataldo is fluent in successfully communicating the solution for the various hurdles that invariably arise. Projects begin with a client’s wish list that include almost anything that can be imagined. Things like: maximizing ocean view and unique demands for how the home will function; how the landscape will contribute or perhaps offer a maintenance-free solution; and an endless variety of recreational activities that often span generations of family members. First, the right team needs to be assembled and needs to collaborate as a group of highly qualified professionals that can rely on and trust one another. To complete a wish list, site meetings are necessary to address and resolve precise details of how the home is best sited, how to accomplish elevations that meet the clients’ needs as well as local zoning, and how the family will ultimately use the space. The land dictates a variety of components, and Cataldo’s team needs to be in tune with the site to understand how it is going to live as they envision the final outcome. 

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