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O: Oceanfront

Photo courtesy of Aerial Advantage/Emmagail Photography 2018

Even before the first excavator lifts a bucket of dirt, the team must successfully navigate the permitting process all while juggling height, setback, and septic restrictions. Most of the projects require working with the local conservation commissions to consider environmental concerns like erosion control. Finally, when the foundation is ready to be excavated, the countless meetings and huddles pay off as adjustments have been made to realize a ground floor that is, as Cataldo explains, “just a gentle step from the ground,” an architectural and construction feat whose subtlety is often overlooked. Despite a home benefitting from waterfront proximity, many homeowners also desire the luxury of an in-ground pool and spa elements. It also is common to be dealing with lot restrictions and limited access to the waterside of the lot. In some cases, a pool must be built prior to the home or in the instance of a remodel, Cataldo has been known to exercise his charm and powers of coordination by gaining approval from abutters to drive heavy equipment across their property to get the job done.

Through the years, Cataldo has worked with a variety of talented architects, representing various styles that appeal to a range of clients. His unique advisory capabilities allow the team to foresee far enough into the project’s future where details may need to be adjusted, and ensure projects culminate in a highly successful outcome. With an experienced professional like Cataldo, any oceanfront home becomes a treasure to cherish for years with the confidence that it was built right.

Photo courtesy of Emmagail Photography 2016 / Aerial Advantage

Driving down the Cape’s shoreline and gazing at the plethora of majestic and intricately designed oceanfront homes, onlookers’ often wonder who built them. Repeatedly, it is the masterminds of Ralph Cataldo and Cataldo Custom Builders who are shaping the shoreline with homes built to do justice to their land and view.

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