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Could you live comfortably in 800 sq feet on .01 acres of land? See how this couple does it!

The decision to renovate their new beloved space was an easy one. “We’re used to living in close quarters from our time in Rome and before that, in Florence,” explains Marc, “but it didn’t take long to realize that we needed a bit more space. Plus, Pattie needed a new project.” Pattie developed a passion for design and home renovation after restoring the couple’s previous homes, including one from 1748. “Her imagination is just amazing,” says Marc lovingly about his wife.

To complete the renovation, the LePains turned to a true Osterville expert, Scott Peacock, owner of Scott Peacock Building & Remodeling. “We pretty much built as close to the edge as the building codes would allow,” explains Peacock. Because of where the septic system sits on the property, the addition created an L-shaped floor plan. “By putting the addition where we did, we actually ended up creating two great spaces—a new mudroom and bedroom inside, and a quaint sitting area outside,” says Peacock. “It was a really fun project for us, as builders, to be able to think outside the box like that.”

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