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Could you live comfortably in 800 sq feet on .01 acres of land? See how this couple does it!

The LePain’s home started as an old garage with casement windows placed high off the ground. “The structure was what we call slab-on-grade,” says Peacock, “meaning that the home sat pretty much right on the ground. We did a monolithic pour right down on top of that grade, and then set the bedroom just a step up from the base of the house.” Having completed that monolithic pour, meaning that Peacock and his team put the concrete down for the floor all in one pour, the next challenge was ensuring that the addition flowed with the existing space and created a cohesive design.

“One of our biggest challenges was tying in the rooflines,” explains Peacock. “Where we connected to the house was the lowest point on the existing roofline, and we were already limited with an extremely low ceiling height. That was probably the toughest obstacle—making it all flow.” But, it was an obstacle that Peacock and his team overcame, providing the LePain’s with just a bit more space and a private bedroom away from the open layout of the rest of their home. “It was nice to work with such a small property and not build a monster of a home,” says Peacock. “At no point did they say ‘Wow, I wish we had one more foot.’ It ended up being just what they needed—something manageable.”

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