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Could you live comfortably in 800 sq feet on .01 acres of land? See how this couple does it!

Pattie and Marc’s new bedroom offers them a private space that is all their own. Note the custom barn door at the back of the room, leading to the en suite. This is just one of the fabulous custom doors that Peacock’s team created for the couple.

“We don’t need more space. More space just means more housekeeping,” says Marc with a laugh. They say “home is where the heart is,” and perhaps what that truly means is that home is the place you put your heart into as Marc and Pattie—a couple who have enjoyed many homes together all over the world—have done in every inch of their tiny home. Mother Teresa once advised, “do small things with great love.” It’s a message that is abundantly clear within the walls of this small Osterville abode.

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