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Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals

Text by Christina Galt

Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals was founded in 2008, under the name Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter, Inc., with the mission to provide veterinary care for animals at the Town Shelter beyond the Town’s budget. “After seeing that there were no funds in the town to get these animals the medical attention they needed, especially neutering and vaccinations, we knew we had to help,” shares one of the groups founding members Janet Baird. “With the money we raised we were able to get the animals in the town shelter the medical care they needed, which ultimately enabled their adoptions.”

In 2020 the organization began to grow, changing its name to Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals with a broader mission and reach. Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals is an all volunteer group, now working as a support organization, raising funds to financially assist pets and their owners along with shelters, rescue organization and other animal-related causes in need of donations, medical care, food, or supplies. “Our goal is to help the animals of the greater Plymouth area,” shares the group’s president Deb Balboni. “If there is an animal in need of medical care and it meets our criteria, we will reach out and help.”

Throughout the year, Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals plans multiple fundraising events and participates in a number of outreach opportunities. “We just had a very successful golf tournament over at Squirrel Run in Plymouth,” shares Balboni. “We had 80 golfers, a huge amount of volunteers and we raised a significant amount for the organization.”

Currently, the organization is gearing up for their annual Pies for Paws Fundraiser. For this event, Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals teams up with family owned Montilio’s Bakery out of Brockton, selling quality pies for Thanksgiving. “We charge $25 per pie and we’re hoping to break last year’s record of 300 pies sold,” says Balboni. To order a pie, you can visit Plymouth Helping Hands’ website and purchase online. The organization plans a pick up day in Plymouth on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The net proceeds from the fundraiser go directly to Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals. “If you’re not in need of a pie, you can still purchase one to be donated to a family in need. You can help so many by just buying one pie,” explains Balboni.

The organization recently joined the American Legion Food Pantry, partnering with them to create a Pet Food Pantry. “People who come to the pantry for themselves, can now also pick up food and other pet supplies for their animals,” explains Balboni. “When we started this organization so many years ago, I never imagined it would grow to what it is now,” notes Baird. “It’s amazing to see how this organization has grown over the years and the work it has accomplished.” Balboni says, “We have a big volunteer group, with 9 members on the Board of Directors and with your support, we will continue our mission to help those without a voice: the animals.”

For more information or to make a donation, visit

508-591-3190 / P.O. Box 214, Manomet, MA 02345.

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