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Photo Portfolio: Idyllic imagery by Michael Petrizzo

Sunset Sail, as seen on the cover of Cape Cod LIFE Sept/Oct.

“Mike is creating works of art that compare very favorably with artists who work in traditional acrylic paint,” says John Miller, owner of J Miller Picture Framer in Mashpee. “We feature Mike’s work on a wall in my shop, and when customers see his landscapes they stop in their tracks and stare at the intensity of his art. They start asking questions, and are typically under the impression that they’re paintings. I’m always amazed by the emotions and moods that the colors create for viewers.”

Melissa Woringer, a Barnstable-based art consultant who works with health care organizations, also appreciates the tranquil vibe that’s conveyed by Petrizzo’s vivid landscapes and seascapes. While Woringer recognizes the beauty of his art, she also notes that beauty provides a potential healing benefit for many of her clients.

“[Patients] who stay in health care environments that utilize calming, tranquil art have shorter stays and require less medicine than their counterparts in other environments,” Woringer says. “So I love to use Mike’s Cape Cod work for my clients. His colors are very harmonious and calming, which give the landscapes and seascapes a lovely, dreamy quality. Mike has a passion and a love for the Cape that is clearly conveyed through his work.”

Michael Petrizzo’s company, Fine Art Productions, is a full-service commercial photography studio, offering portrait, business and landscape photography, as well as giclee printing for artists and photographers.

More information can be found at, and his prints can be purchased in the Cape Cod Life General Store at

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