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Racing Beach Retreat

Thankfully, the sizable lot gave the new build space to grow. Cataldo and Bonoli brought landscape architect extraordinaire Greg Bilowz of Bilowz Associates, Inc. onboard, who had a great understanding of the regulatory environment. In the end of the design process, the conservation commission, homeowners and building team were all pleased, and all of the amenities fit perfectly. 

Cataldo kept to the timeline by coordinating schedules with the entire team and ensuring all materials were ordered as soon as possible to account for delays. Along the building process, a few amendments were made to enhance the home by the keen eyes of the team. Originally, a long hallway connecting the space above the garage was going to lead to the rest of the home. During the build, it was decided to transform this into an enclosed breezeway, creating a bridge between the two areas.

Another unexpected addition that unfolded in the process, the overlook terrace, became one of the prime outdoor spaces of the property. An existing wooden deck was raising questions of possible erosion, and the solution became a concrete retaining wall and granite deck with a gas fire pit. Now, the overlook has a feeling of permanence, luxury and the ultimate view that makes this property remarkable.

For the interior, Jim’s longtime friend and designer Donna Burns achieved his vision, keeping with coastal hues and blending traditional elements with modern touches. “When they were framing the home, Jim and I took a ride down to see it. We climbed to what would be the second floor and were standing in open air just looking at that water. That was really my design inspiration. I couldn’t get over the blues in the water from that height. The colors amazed me. I was really influenced by that,” Burns notes. Going forward, the hope was to use colors that pulled in the views. Almost every room had a touch of blue in it. “Jim had a real affinity for the color blue. Every room had a different feel to it, yet some tone of blue. He allowed me to push the envelope and incorporate color and patterned fabrics. It all turned out beautifully and we worked wonderfully together,” she continues. Touches like the custom-made chairs with a bold fabric and the textured wall covering in the master bedroom are a testament to their bold choices. Each master is complete with its own patio for quiet, peaceful moments.

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