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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Personalized and intimate are perfect words to describe working with Custom Closet Geeks. The privately-owned business offers homeowners and commercial clients custom shelving and storage systems. They will help organize a broad range of spaces, from closets, of course, to mudrooms, pantries, garages, entertainment centers and work spaces.

“Any place you need organized, we can help,” says an enthusiastic Frederick Miller, general manager of Custom Closet Geeks. “We’ve been in business for over 25 years and we’re good at what we do. Our designers are very transparent with their clients and they are talented. Some have been with us since the beginning and have an innate sense; they see a space and know exactly what it needs.”

In a day and age of increasingly remote and impersonal services, Custom Closet Geeks is hands-on and local. The small, busy company sends designers right into clients’ homes for a consultation. The designers take measurements and discuss what is being stored. Storage systems are designed on a computer and generated right there, on site, with beautiful 3D imagery. At this point, there’s no commitment required. When a client chooses to move forward, it’s full steam ahead.

“Turn around times in 2023 can be pretty bad,” Miller says, acknowledging that many issues have affected the supply of materials and delivery. “But, because we have our own factory in New Bedford, because we do everything ourselves, there’s no lead time. We can have systems for people in as few as five working days. We’re very proud of that.”

Also simplifying the process is Custom Closet Geeks’ pricing. While many companies often offer periodic “sales,” knocking a certain percentage off for a limited time, the Closet Geeks offer volume discount: the price goes down with the volume of wood that’s used, again a very transparent, easy-to understand investment. 

With a quickly growing clientele on Cape Cod, Custom Closet Geeks is known for their work throughout New England. Visit their showrooms in Greenwich, Rhode Island, and New Bedford, Massachusetts.