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Jay MacMullan of MainStay Landscape, Inc. says his business philosophy is simple: “Good working relationships.” If his connections with employees and customers are honest and respectful, “the rest takes care of itself.”

MainStay, located in Westwood and Osterville, MA, has increasingly become a recognizable presence on Cape Cod. MacMullan’s services, include the installation of pools, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and walkways. A design-build firm, the company collaborates with builders, landscape architects and homeowners to ensure excellence in the final product. With clients off-Cape who have summer homes or who have moved permanently over the bridge to these sandy shores, his increasing work on the Cape makes sense. 

Another service MainStay offers is its fine gardening division, which specializes in traditional gardens, kitchen gardens and potager gardens, a French style kitchen plot that, unlike more structured vegetable and herb gardens, offers up a riot of fragrance and color, combining cutting flowers with edibles. Once each garden has been created, MainStay has a team that can help maintain it. 

While MainStay does not have a lawncare department, the company offers installation of Husqvarna auto mowers. “It’s like a Rumba for your lawn,” he says. “They’re great. I think their popularity grew during the pandemic. They are quiet, private, and help make your place look great. We have a crew that goes out on Thursdays and Fridays just to check the mowers and touch up the landscape.” Laughing, MacMullan says some people have even named their mowers: Lawny, Sir Lawncelot, and Mow. Another family tied balloons to theirs for a child’s birthday party. 

“We’re a small boutique type of firm,” MacMullan asserts. “We feel strongly what makes us special can only be contained by a certain size. At some point, what made you special gets lost as you get bigger. You lose your quality control and craftsmanship. We love what we do, and the people we work with.”

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