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Sewing Sweetness

Photo by Jennifer Dow

Photo by Jennifer Dow

Joyce’s interests and hobbies seem limitless, but when she is asked why she has stayed on Cape Cod rather than moving to one of the exotic, famous places she has visited and loved, she doesn’t hesitate for a minute. “Why would you live any place else if you can live in this beautiful place,” she says. “You just walk out the door and there is that beauty all around you.”

Still, she is fascinated by the work of other artists from around the world. Each room in her cozy, antique-stuffed house is decorated floor to ceiling with collectibles; plates by Norman Rockwell, beer steins from around the world; paintings by artists from South America to Asia. And there are family photos everywhere; black and white images of her parents on their long-ago wedding day, colorful framed pictures of her daughter, granddaughter, and great grandson.

You wish that you could stay all day—explore each nook and cranny of the Victorian doll-house she built for her granddaughter, sift through the yarn in every color of the rainbow piled high in one corner, or sit and work with Joyce on the jig-saw puzzles she loves. You want to ask her a million questions—how does she come up with the designs for her quilts? How—and why—did she learn to hand-throw beer steins? Who is the man in one of her oil paintings, his face a slash of emotion caught by Joyce in palette-knife strokes?

But it is time to go back to the real world. Joyce won’t let you leave without a slice of warm homemade banana bread. Your arms are full with two quilts you couldn’t resist buying for Christmas presents, the sky blue and white scarf Joyce gave you, and the fresh jam—but you can’t resist hugging this woman you met just two hours ago.

It is easy to understand why Joyce’s family members and close friends call her by an especially fitting nickname: Honey. That’s just what she is; bright, comforting, sweet, and magically good for you, every stitch of the way.

To contact Joyce “Honey” Harvey, call 508 385-4252.

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