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Shore Oasis

Over the next two-and-a-half months, Chagnon-Holbrook had several conversations with the homeowner, getting a solid understanding of his family’s unique needs, many of which centered on functionality and practicality as well as creating a relaxed ambiance for family fun and casual entertaining.

The designer created a fresh concept for the house from the basement to attic, tailored to the busy family’s lifestyle, yet not detracting from a spectacular setting. The first floor has an open plan with floor to ceiling windows framing sweeping water views. Choosing a design to complement—not overwhelm—the vista was a priority.

“We didn’t want bold colors that would draw the eye away from the spectacular view. We wanted to bring the outside in and the design to be soft and engaging from the moment you walk in the door,” Chagnon-Holbrook says.

An Interior Designer's Transformation of an entire Waquoit Bay House Wins a Homeowners Heart.

Photo by Dan Cutrona

The existing front foyer space had dark wood on the banister and stairs. A large black and brass chandelier hung from the high ceiling. Believing the design palette and fixtures were too stark, the designer softened the look by painting the wood a soft gray, choosing a textured grass cloth with earth-hued green and brown tones for wall coverings, and hanging a quintessential-coastal, handcrafted chandelier made of sand-coated shells and crystals. The effect is warm and welcoming and provides a subtle transition to the home’s interior.

The use of nature-inspired fabrics and accents is coordinated with a stairway runner featuring leather trim, adding a strong stylish touch also reflected in subtle stripes of semi-gloss and satin paint in the same color on the foyer walls. “The space looks different throughout the day depending on the light,” the designer says.

A collection of three-dimensional silver fish adds a flash of perfect seaside artistry and playfulness to the expansive wall space rising up the stairs, also paying homage to the homeowner’s love of fishing. To define distinct spaces on the first floor, Chagnon-Holbrook chose functional, handsome, yet easy-care furnishings and inspired lighting fixtures. “The home now has all these amazing little vignettes,” she says, noting that use of similar hues and textures throughout the house’s interiors creates a coordinated design that flows from room to room.

An Interior Designer's Transformation of an entire Waquoit Bay House Wins a Homeowners Heart.

Photo by Dan Cutrona

Near the kitchen, four rattan chairs form a warm sitting area overlooking picturesque Waquoit Bay. In the living room, one of the homeowner’s favorite features are two plush swivel chairs for a quiet moment alone with a cup of coffee gazing out at the water, or allowing for the flexibility to turn 180-degrees and join in family conversations.

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