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Shore Oasis

The Casabella team is all about attention to detail, from putting dimmers on all the lights to replacing the knobs on the existing built-in bookshelves, to picking the perfect accessories to accompany larger design furnishings.

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary is also one of Casabella’s trademarks. For example, in this home, Chagnon-Holbrook took a map of Cape Cod, a decoration found in many Cape homes, and made it into something truly unique. The map was cut into six pieces; each piece was framed and hung individually to create an entirely different customized look.

An Interior Designer's Transformation of an entire Waquoit Bay House Wins a Homeowners Heart.

Photo by Dan Cutrona

Upstairs, in a comfortable loft area, there are three life rings, another traditional nautical decorative look. Chagnon-Holbrook transformed the rings into an imaginative personalized statement for the homeowner’s family, painting the rings in a blue and green reminiscent of sea glass, then inscribing each ring with the name of the homeowner’s three children and their birth years.

“It was a small detail, but I love it and people always comment on it,” says the homeowner. The final result of Casabella’s design is a coastal haven that this father and his three children plan to enjoy for years to come.

“This is an all-season home with amazing textures, fabrics, and surroundings,” Chagnon-Holbrook says. “It’s family-friendly, ready for company and relaxation.”

With the business of creating a seaside oasis for his family complete, the homeowner plans to take advantage of his home’s spectacular surroundings, looking forward to exploring all Cape Cod’s attractions on land and sea. He notes that his house is often filled with guests, some of whom have come for the weekend and been so relaxed and happy that they stayed for two weeks.

An Interior Designer's Transformation of an entire Waquoit Bay House Wins a Homeowners Heart.

Photo by Dan Cutrona

It’s Cape Cod leisure at its finest for his family and his friends. “That home is my last breathing spot,” he says. “I love every minute of it.”

Casabella Home Furnishings is located at 389 Route 6A in East Sandwich. For more information, call 508-888-8688, or visit

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