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Writer: Leslie Hatton

Reliability, Consistency and Commitment

Erin Cox deftly maneuvers through her role as a relationship cultivator for industry leader KAM Appliance.

Erin Cox certainly knows about appliances. But it’s in her role as partner relations manager where she shines brightest. About her role, she says she and her team, “manage KAM’s partner relationships with kitchen designers and custom builders. We view ourselves as an extension of their business. We are sharing a customer all the way through the construction process and are committed to getting it right.” 

KAM has been a leader in the appliance industry on Cape Cod since 1977 growing from a standalone store to showrooms in Hyannis, Hanover, Nantucket, and a headquarters in Sagamore Beach. Cox states, “We work with a lot of partners whose homeowners have extremely high expectations, and we help them meet those expectations with extra attention from sales, delivery and installation to service long after the project is completed.” 

Kevin Gralton, co-owner with his two siblings, says KAM’s business development strategy has always centered around builder and designer relationships. “My focus has been building new relationships and developing loyalty. We are beyond committed to the success of our builders, we always have been, and our growth has been a direct result of their repeat referrals.”

Cox and Gralton met over the years she managed KAM’s advertising partnership with CCB Media. He says, “I liked the way she approached business strategy, follow up and follow through, so it was a no brainer to have her join us to pick up our industry relationships. It’s unique to have a builder role that’s not a selling position, but it’s that important to us. We need builders and designers to know they have Erin and her team behind every KAM project.” 

To further that Cox says, “The finish stage of a project is complicated. There are a lot of people involved in getting the timing right. The project manager is coordinating between cabinetry installation, countertops, flooring and their overall project punch list. Appliances need to fit in at the right moment and ideally not add to the punch list. It’s a hectic time on the job site, and a lot can come up. If there is a problem, our project partners know they have a KAM team to support them.” 

Builder: E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc.

But every partnership begins with an appliance purchase and KAM stands out from the start. Cox shares, “Partners love to send their customers to KAM because of our showroom experience. Buying appliances is both an emotional and technical purchase. Narrowing hundreds of options to the best choice takes top notch salesmanship, the kind that makes people feel great and confident in their decision. Our sales professionals are knowledgeable and truly care about helping customers choose the best equipment for their home. It comes down to how the customer will use the space, aesthetics, and of course budget. It’s a huge deal to be doing a kitchen renovation or building a new home. Partners trust our showroom experience, our sales team, and our Executive Chef to help their customers make the right decisions for their home.”

The best part of her job? It is the opportunity to problem solve day to day issues while simultaneously staying connected to industry partners with events and training. Cox reflects, “I’m always trying to be that middle point of all internal departments, our partners, and our shared customers, creating a harmonious situation, but I also throw a lot of fun parties with our chef, brand partners in our eight live kitchens.”

Cultivating relationships and helping KAM remain a beacon in the appliance industry is where Cox thrives. She maintains, “It’s all about our shared customer and ultimately, we’re here to make homeowners happy and our partners shine because their success is our success.” 

Leslie Hatton

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