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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

The Perfect View

Dianne Poulos, owner of View Window Coverings, has taken her lifelong love of fabrics and home decor and turned it into a thriving business. After 12 years helping Boston area homeowners and interior designers turn houses into havens, she has now embarked on an exciting new venture; a brick and mortar presence in her happy place: Cape Cod. 

With a new showroom in Eastham, View is ready to serve homeowners on the Cape. A walk through the well-appointed space gives prospective clients a peek at the many options available. In addition to her custom-fabricated creations, Dianne provides top quality shades and blinds from the following brands: Lutron, Comfortex, Norman Shutters and Graber. Visitors are invited to take a seat in her comfortable showroom to be guided through the products. “This is the fun part,” she says, “where we get to play with pattern and color and the layered complexities. It’s where the dream becomes the reality.”

The choice of products to put in a window involves more than aesthetics. With rising heating and cooling costs, uncovered windows are a large part of energy inefficiency in a home. “We walk clients through the choices and educate them on the varying insulating properties of each product, including available energy efficient window covering tax credits. We’ll help configure the order to maximize this benefit for our clients.”

In addition to energy efficiency, her products serve to protect the interior of the home from the sun’s damaging rays. “We all love that beautiful Cape Cod light. Sadly, the sun damages upholstery, rugs, artwork, and woodwork. We suggest you enjoy the light and your view when you’re in the room but cover up when you aren’t. That’s the surest way to keep your precious possessions looking good for a long time.” 

With today’s focus on smart home technology, Dianne and her team at View are also well versed in guiding clients through the process of networking any number of smart home devices, and are happy to consult with electricians and builders to ensure the space is configured correctly. “With smart home technology, the homeowner is never left to wonder whether the door is locked, the shades are down, or the iron is off. With a quick check on an app, peace of mind can be achieved.” 

Collaboration and active listening are the hallmarks of Dianne’s focus on customer service. “When we meet with clients, they tell us what they are hoping to achieve in the space. We will interpret their vision and suggest solutions.”

As to what she feels is the secret to her success, Dianne has this to say, “I think it comes down to two things. First, I love what I do. I know that I am, at heart, a creator, and I’m happiest when I’m involved in a project, and turning nothing into something. Second, and maybe more importantly, is my absolute commitment to ensuring my customers are happy. When you call our business, we are the ones answering the phone. You will get a quick response and we make every effort to address any issues.”

As to what she is looking forward to the most with her new showroom, “I can’t wait for people to visit and get to know me and my products. I’m also very excited to be here on the Cape. There’s no beating those sunsets!”

Open by appointment and booked online • Viewcape.com  •  617.293.5631