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The Artist’s Garden at Hyannis Port

Hyannis Port garden

The team for this project included Wahler and Jaxtimer Landscaping, LLC, who, together, took the significant grade change as a challenge and leveraged it as an opportunity, allowing the terraced levels to continue into the backyard. “The project was extensive and touched every corner of the site. Its timing and elements for the landscape required a choreographed dance with the builders to allow for all people to be on site, especially with another job going on next door,” says J.J. Friel, landscape construction manager for Jaxtimer. “It was a large game of musical chairs every day.”

That need for choreography carried into the initial design process as well, as Wahler composed every aspect of the project. Nothing captures the vision of this garden better than the stunning renderings that the team created, outlining the detailed architecture of the project while still capturing the lively spirit of the homeowners and their love for gardening. “It’s one of the things I’m most proud of,” says Wahler of the renderings. “Because of all the masonry we had to use to deal with the grade change, we risked losing the spirit of the project, so we really tried to convey through the initial renderings the romance of a garden.” The finished landscape—a cohesive blend of structure and charm, of elegant flowers and detailed architecture—is a true representation of the successful communication between the team and the clients. With delicate brushstrokes of perennials and shrubs dripping over the framework of sandy-colored stone verandas and walls, it’s as if Wahler has truly composed her own painted masterpiece.

“Working with the homeowner, Susan Chapman, was great. She had a very distinct vision for the project and was able to communicate that with us easily,” says Friel. “I immediately got a sense that she was a gardener,” adds Wahler. “Despite the technical aspects of the project, the designs could only be successful if they appealed to that particular aspect of this project.” Chapman’s love for gardening was truly a driving force behind much of the design. The planting beds are designed so that Chapman can experiment with her love for gardening and exercise her own artistic talents right in her own yard, and the gravel walkways and intricate stonework provide a strong framework for the more transitional elements of the space.

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