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The Delight is in the Details

“We call it the heartbeat of the garden, the spirit of it,” Flagg explains. “When we take over a garden, our first job is to find the heart and soul, and then restore it; we bring back the health of the garden and then we can discover what the design story is. We aren’t just looking at plant material, we are taking in the bigger picture, what feeling the garden renders and how we, as human beings, experience that feeling.”

“Our company is driven by design, and when we tell all of our gardeners to learn the story of the garden, we want them to understand the original design of the garden,” Esteves says.

The conversation with nature that evolves between the gardeners and the garden ultimately also includes a discourse with the homeowners, who may or may not have arrived to the discussion as fluent as they will eventually become. But it is the passion of the team at JuliaGarden Design that sparks the sense of adventure in their clients who become eager to follow the gospel of garden design.

“It is a learning experience for our clients, and they have to take a leap of faith with us, but they do,” Esteves confirms. “We encourage them to ask a lot of questions. It takes some time, but we lead them, and inform them along the way about why we are doing things, how we are doing things and before they even realize it, they are as invested as we are.”

Each member of JuliaGarden Design understands the unique approach the company brings to every project. Business manager Carmen Dineen, who has worked for traditional landscape businesses on the Cape, comments, “This is the only company where the gardeners ask to go into the house and see the garden from the client’s vantage point. That says everything to me about how different we are.” 

Once the gardeners learn the story of the garden, the process of  restoration and design begins. “Our deign philosophy is very invested in developing native plant communities and native groundcovers as part of our mission to create diverse gardens,” Esteves explains.

For Esteves and her team, creating gardens is part of their everyday fulfillment that they call work. But for the garden, the gardeners and their clients, the process of listening, learning and lingering in the garden is nurturing the body, mind and soul of everyone lucky enough to experience JuliaGarden Design.

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