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The Next Wave: HOME Annual 2019

Andrea Baerenwald: Cape Associates 

“Don’t be afraid to move around in different industries and see what speaks to you. I certainly did that in my career—I’ve worked for a magazine, I’ve worked for a design firm. And when you’re young that’s the perfect time to do it.”

As she reflects on her now five years as director of marketing for Cape Associates, Andrea Baerenwald recognizes just how valuable a strong relationship can be. Her job is one that requires her to build and maintain relationships for the good of the company, both within the home building industry and the local community. As important as those relationships are to Baerenwald’s success, what’s equally as important is the relationship she shares with Cape Associates.

“What has helped me most here is that [owner] Matt Cole and his team have really put their trust in me,” Baerenwald explains. “If I have an idea, they really listen and even help me work through it, giving advice, and I’ve been able to do things that I haven’t done before and that Cape Associates hasn’t done before. That supportive environment has helped both the company and my abilities to grow.”

It was Baerenwald’s suggestion two years ago that the company invest in a drone to better capture their high-end projects. “We were one of the only companies on Cape Cod that had a drone,” she says. “I’m trying to do a lot with video right now, which we’ve only dabbled in previously.” For Cape Associates’ annual dinner last year, Baerenwald utilized video to show the company’s appreciation for its employees, putting together a thank-you package that featured nearly every employee, depicting them at work in their respective roles. The video, which will also be used to recruit future employees, won the firm a Gold 2018 PRISM Award for Best Video. “I feel it was a great way to celebrate everyone’s hard work,” Baerenwald says. “They would cheer when they saw themselves on the big screens. It was fun.”

For Baerenwald, it’s Cape Associates’ core values—commitment, quality and integrity—that guide her, as evidenced by her marketing campaigns and her professionalism. “There’s always more to learn, both in building and marketing,” she says, “and I feel like the sky’s the limit with opportunities for myself here. I do have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and Cape Associates feeds that and allows me to explore that, which is very satisfying.”

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