Katelyn Manfredo

Katelyn Manfredo: SV Design

“Be open to new opportunities; you don’t know where they’re coming from. I saw an opportunity and I took it. There are really great possibilities out there, and if you take risks, you can really go far.”

Self-awareness is quite an asset in life. Four years ago, Katelyn Manfredo realized she felt a bit stuck at work, recognizing that feeling was stemming from her talents going underutilized.

Manfredo began her career at SV Design (formerly Siemasko + Verbridge) as an intern in their Beverly office while studying at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Having loved working alongside the company’s passionate young professionals, it was an easy “yes” for Manfredo when the firm eventually offered her a full-time position as a draftsperson. After receiving her architectural license, Manfredo says she knew it was time to make a change. “In Beverly it was a little harder to grow at the time, because they didn’t really need another project manager—they needed draftspeople. So when they opened their Chatham office, I saw the opportunity of a project manager role there,” she explains. “I started having some conversations with [founding principals] Thaddeus Siemasko and Jean Verbridge, explaining to them how I felt that I was overqualified for the position I was working in and that I wanted to do more.”

They agreed, and Manfredo has now served as an architectural project manager in the Chatham office for over three years. “I think if you’re not speaking up, whether you’re asking to do more or asking for help on how to do more and grow professionally in your career—if you’re not advocating for yourself, you can very easily get stuck where you are,” she says. Today, Manfredo feels truly fulfilled. While working in a leadership role in this industry presents its daily challenges, for Manfredo it’s all worth it when she sees clients overjoyed with their new space. “Hearing that enthusiasm in their voice is addicting.”

As Manfredo details a modern house in Chatham she and her team are currently designing for, the gleam in her eyes speaks volumes. “Every day is different, and every client and contractor is different. Going into every day being like, what’s today got for me… It’s exciting,” she says. “I’m definitely in the right spot and doing exactly what I should be doing. I feel that every day.”