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Changing Yellow Blue

Although blues dominate the palette through most of the home, the Yellow House team wanted to preserve its eponymous color, as well. “We still call it the Yellow House,” notes the owner. “We wanted yellow as an accent, and in the adult TV room, we have yellow pillows and drapes that Nina suggested and that I think really make the room.” Mayfield also expresses the thoughtful choices in acknowledging the role that the color yellow played in the home’s history when she talks about the new exterior color choices. “The new exterior color is a warm white,” she explains. “But the choice of a soft yellow accent on the exterior doors was our nod to what has come before.” The color extends to the rocking chairs on the porch, producing the effect of rays of yellow that act like beams of sunlight. Paired with the ever-changing blues of the hydrangeas, they behave almost like a blueberry-topped lemon tart in summer; the dessert to this stunning renovation.

Despite a number of challenges along the way, Mayfield reports that the project was incredibly seamless in the end. “The owners were remote during the process, so we had to do everything virtually,” she says, “And yet I’ve never been on a job site where things flowed so well.” Architect Richard Curl also marvels that the process went so smoothly. “It was a set-up for disaster,” he says. “We were working with an old house from 1876, and we had to move at a fast pace. But some projects have magic, and this was one. This house really wanted the renovation.” Curl  notes that once the demolition team started removing the yellow vinyl siding, they really began to see what was there—specifically the intricate patterning of the shinglework. He says, “The final results very closely resemble the original designs.” And about working with the Barnstable Historical Commission, with which he had positive interactions in the past. “They were very encouraging,” he says of the commission members, “The house was in an important location that they wanted to see come back; they were very happy with our work.” 

The owners of the Yellow House have already recommended Nina Mayfield to other members of the close-knit village, and are most appreciative of the work that she did as part of the renovation team. “She was able to get along well with me and my very specific ideas,” says the owner. “We wanted to deliver the buttoned-up house that our clients were expecting, and we put our faith in Nina. She was not only resourceful but super helpful in keeping us within our budget. Throughout our collaboration, she kept me disciplined, and she delivered the project on time.” 

And while the Yellow House may contain only dollops of that color, Nina Mayfield, along with the teams from Curl Simitis and Steve Mellor, were able to successfully peel off this homes’ proverbial wallpaper to uncover and revitalize a deeper truth of its essence and history, one brimming with color, with comfort, and with the irrepressible joys of summer in Hyannis Port.

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