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This is a crunching, munching cleanup crew!


Photography by Heidi McKenna

Marilyn Marcelli hired the goatscaping company last fall and is another happy customer. “The goats did such a nice job,” she says. “They were fun to have here. It was a joy, it really was.” A Mashpee resident, Marcelli lives in a densely wooded area, and brush annually encroaches on her driveway. She rented the goats’ services for two weeks, and they cleared out lots of poison ivy, bull briar leaves, and, Marcelli adds, “everything else.”

Adding to their unending appetite for yardwork, Marcelli says it was just nice having the goats around. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it,” she says. “They were very, very sweet.” She adds that the goats provided hours of entertainment for the children of her neighbors, who enjoyed watching them and feeding them peanuts.

While it takes a good deal of work to run a goatscaping business, Greaves says she finds her job very rewarding. “You just have to stick with it 24/7,” she says. “You really have to be committed and dedicated. And you have to be in it for the animals. They’re not just lawn mowers.”

For more information on GOat Green Cape Cod, contact Stacey Greaves at 508-737-7895, or via email at

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