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A Wellfleet Retreat

With a flat roof, straight lines, and nearly absent of any windows on the front of the home, the modern architectural style of the house is quite unassuming from the street; but there is nothing modest about  the home’s interior and the views that it boasts. Built by Todd LaBarge of TA LaBarge, Inc., the 2,400-square-foot home boasts large windows that fill a southern wall, allowing for the natural beauty of the outside to come pouring into the family room and dining area. “We chose this modern architecture because we wanted the division between the outside and the inside to disappear,” Douglas says.

While this design is not quite representative of the quintessential Cape-style homes that dot the eastern-most peninsula of Massachusetts, it is in keeping with this lower region of Cape Cod. A true upside-down home—meaning the bedrooms are located on the lower level of the home while the living area is on the upper level—Douglas says this type of architecture was especially popular back in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. “There was a group of modern architects from Cambridge and New York City that came to Truro and Wellfleet during that period and built these contemporary homes,” he notes.  

The home’s flat roof lends to the modern style while at the same time plays a critical role in helping to reduce the homeowners’ carbon footprint. Solar panels on the roof will generate as much energy as it uses, creating a net-zero effect. The home also includes 18 inches of insulation in the ceiling and 10 inches in the walls, which contribute to its energy efficiency as well as reduces noise levels in the open-space design. Even the environment itself helps to reduce energy use in the home. The same trees that provide natural air conditioning in the summer offer protection from northeast winds in the winter. While sunlight pouring into the south-facing windows provides natural light, a south-facing overhang on the roof prevents it from heating the home too much in the summer.  

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