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For What it’s Worth

Local art and antique dealers share a few appraising tips

  Almost 10 years ago, a woman walked into Kahn Fine Antiques in Chatham carrying a crumpled paper bag in her hand and with her daughter and granddaughter at her side. For Richard Kahn, the business’s owner and a longtime art collector and appraiser, this was not an unusual situation—until he…

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Capturing the Ocean’s Moods

The artist shares her secrets

The magnetic effect of Jeanne Rosier Smith’s paintings en plein air (French for “in the open air”) is most obvious when she is depicting ocean waves, a famously difficult thing to do. “Artistically, there are a lot of possibilities,” Smith says. “It’s always changing —lighting, the moisture in the air. You can convey all kinds of…

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Riding the Wave

Jeanne Rosier Smith’s paintings capture the ever-changing grandeur of the ocean.

For Jeanne Rosier Smith, painting is an immersion of all the senses. She loves the visual richness of her pastels, the meditative quality of stroking color across paper, the emotional connection with her subjects, and the atmospheric feel of the air when she is painting one of her most loved…

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Classic Chic

An elegant new beachside community reflects the Cape’s cottage colony legacy.
One of Cape Cod’s most striking cultural markers—the beachside cottage colony—was born a century ago. The quirky little communities started as tent sites and slowly evolved over decades, as tents set on platforms before finally becoming simple wood-frame summer cottages. The lifestyle was predictable and breezy, with the same families…

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Seaside Magicians

Mackenzie & Company is transforming coastal interiors with a whimsical, yet sophisticated sense of color and texture—and some fun touches of the unexpected.

Serendipity seems to follow Angela Hamwey like a warm gust of summer wind. When Hamwey was looking for a new space for her interior design business, Mackenzie & Company, she found herself in the center of Hyannis gazing…

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Rare, wild, and ephemeral — Orchids

An Orleans resident shares his passion for wild local orchids

Cloaked in an aura of mystery and sculptural beauty, orchids tug at more hearts than perhaps any other flower. And how could they not? Behind their lush looks is a shocking story; no other flower has inspired such vivid stories of obsession and drama. Orchid hunters have been eaten by tigers,…

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Home Sale Staging Artistry

An interior designer transforms care-worn homes for sale into high profile showcase listings.
Call it theater in the square. Beth Odence, home stager extraordinaire, is in her design center, a boxy, corrugated-tin workspace on Kidds Hill Road in Hyannis, surrounded by furniture and finishing touches that she has purchased, commissioned, or recreated. Creamy Belgian sofas are topped with pillows hand-sewn by…

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Yoga For You

From loose limbs and solid abs, to mental clarity and emotional contentment, the perks of yoga have been extolled from the discipline’s ancient beginnings. but even with its rainbow of benefits, yoga practitioners sometimes reach an impasse. positive results stall. the original electric effect sputters. yoga slides from a healthy habit to a run-of-the-mill routine.
Many yoga aficionados say that the…

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Wondrous Wee World

Falmouth fabric artist Salley Mavor creates fabulous tiny tapestries for her award-winning children’s books.

Salley Mavor’s studio is an alternate universe in miniature: seedpods become sleek Tom Thumb-sized boats, acorns morph into tiny hats, and wooden coat toggles serve as bedposts. Inhabiting these magical wee worlds are elfin figures who play, work, and romp through nature, all crafted by Mavor, ultimately…

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Art Without End

Lorraine Trenholm’s paintings transcend time and place.

Lorraine W. Trenholm is as restless as her two horses loping outside, on her 75-acre property perched on a Colorado mesa. Awake since 4:30 a.m., Trenholm’s morning has been chock-a-block with activity: feeding her Saluki hounds, teaching a pastels class in a nearby town, and, not least, talking about her prolific work. Her nature-inspired…

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