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This is going to be a colorful celebration

A preview of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival July 7-17

Imagine being able to peek behind fences and stroll though private gardens that are normally closed to the public. Envision flowerbeds in full bloom, vegetable gardens overflowing with organic produce, and mature landscapes that retain the best of “old Cape Cod.” Or, picture touring through creative combinations of plants, garden ornaments,…

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Succulent meals, spectacular views!

Savor this list of 108 Cape & Islands restaurants with wonderful water views
Are you in the mood for lobster? How about salmon, or tuna, or a nice juicy steak? Have you been dreaming, perchance, of a strawberry arugula salad, or—even better—baked Alaska served with meringue and strawberry sauce? Getting hungry?
In this section we continue a longtime Cape Cod LIFE tradition…

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Get out there, hit the road and explore!

Enjoy some fresh air and exercise on a scenic Cape and Islands day trip

Day trips can arise spontaneously or are planned—and anticipated—weeks in advance; both scenarios offer opportunities to de-stress, disconnect and spend time outdoors. Naturally, Cape Cod and the Islands are perfect destinations for fun and fulfilling daytrips.

“Whether main streets or back roads are your preference, the Cape offers…

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