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Osterville Oasis

An Osterville Oasis

By Susan Dewey | September 18, 2014

When architect Doreve Nicholaeff of Nicholaeff Architecture & Design was chosen to design a sprawling summer compound on Osterville’s “Gold Coast,” she knew that the main house, guest house, and…

Journalist had a Dramatic Start

By Matthew J. Gill | September 17, 2014

In his travels around the globe as a correspondent for CBS News, Seth Doane has covered stories in South America, Africa, and beautiful Bali, Indonesia. What’s better? The 1996 Harwich…

Chatham Bars Inn celebrates 100 years of luxury

By Nancy White | August 28, 2014

When the Chatham Bars Inn opened for business in June of 1914, the new resort was the picture of luxury. Situated high on a bluff overlooking Aunt Lydia’s Cove—and the…

A Century on the Sound, July 2014 Cape Cod Life |

A Century on the Sound

By Susan Dewey | July 25, 2014

The 100th anniversary of Cape Cod’s classic Wianno Seniors will be celebrated this summer showcasing classic—and particularly American—Nantucket Sound memories. For the last 100 years, a small sloop designed and built on…

When Past Shapes Present, Cape Cod HOME Summder 2014 |

When Past Shapes Present

By Laurel Kornhiser | July 7, 2014

The dogwood tree—the site of an occasional family pig roast on summer days—was one untouchable sacred cow, recounts Mark Hutker, speaking of a home he and Gregory Ehrman, a senior…

Inspired by the Bay, Cape Cod HOME Summder 2014 |

Inspired by the Bay

By Mary Stanley | July 6, 2014

A beautiful summer cottage overlooking Cape Cod Bay is a shining example of the success that can happen when a homeowner’s vision meets a build and design team’s creative ingenuity.…

Restoring a Classic, Cape Cod HOME Early Summer 2014 |

Restoring a Classic

By Charlotte Roth | June 1, 2014

A century ago, this classic Provincetown home overlooking Cape Cod Bay was a distinctive residence in the historic Cape Cod seaport. The stucture’s rich nautical heritage dates back to its…

Lauren Wolk

Lauren Wolk

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 28, 2014

Lauren Wolk is working on her third novel. “The first one was published by Random House and the second one is with my agent,” Wolk says. “The third one is…

Robyn Whaples

Robyn Whaples

By Mary Stanley | May 27, 2014

Robyn Whaples, a 2014 graduate of Sandwich High School, is on the path toward a career in animation, and she credits the “ArtWorks School to Careers” program sponsored by Heritage…

Sarah Van Sciver

Sarah Van Sciver

By Mary Stanley | May 26, 2014

Growing up in a family where she was immersed in all facets of the arts, it is no surprise that multi-talented musician and composer Sarah Van Sciver has an affinity…

Deede Tonelli

Deede Tonelli

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 25, 2014

Edith (Deede) Tonelli’s resume has the kind of provenance that makes an institution proud, and the Cape Cod Museum of Art’s board of directors was thrilled to find she was…

Jessica Sosebee

By Susan Dewey | May 24, 2014

You might say that Jessica Sosebee was born to be an artist She grew up on Nantucket where some of her earliest memories are of her mother working in a…

Jia Tian Shi

Jia Tian Shi

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 23, 2014

Wang Xiao Song met her husband, Jia Tian Shi, at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in China’s Liaoning Province. The two were kindred spirits who bonded over their…

Monica Rizzio

Monica Rizzio

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 22, 2014

Quitman is a small town in the northeast corner of Texas, best known as the birthplace of actress Sissy Spacek. However, here on Cape Cod, another performing artist is putting…

Carole Rabe

Carole Rabe

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 21, 2014

Carole Rabe’s oil paintings never feature people, yet her interiors and still lifes exude a warmth typically associated with human presence. Through her meticulous use of light and color, Rabe…

Anne Packard

Anne Packard

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 20, 2014

Anne Packard never intended to become a painter, even though painting is in her blood. Her grandfather, Max Bohn, arrived in Provincetown in 1916 and established himself as a leading…

Susan Overstreet

Susan Overstreet

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 19, 2014

“I’m constantly trying to experiment and explore—to develop my own style,” says painter Susan Overstreet. “Still, I take all of the past with me. I try to fit myself in…

Jon Nakamatsu

Jon Nakamatsu

By Cape Cod Life Publications | May 18, 2014

Rarely can a man pinpoint the day his life changed forever. On June 7, 1997, Jon Nakamatsu was a 27 year old high school German teacher who had miraculously qualified…