Author: Mary Stanley

Mary Stanley worked as the sales and marketing coordinator for Cape Cod Life Publications from 2013 to 2016, writing advertising pieces as well as feature articles for both Cape Cod HOME and Cape Cod LIFE magazines. Prior to that, she was the senior reporter for Sandwich Enterprise Newspapers. She currently works as the public relations and marketing coordinator for New England Village, Inc., a nonprofit organization supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Articles By Name:

A Wellfleet Retreat

Douglas Dick’s Wellfleet retreat is a true reflection of the beauty that surrounds it Owning a summer home on the…

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AVD envisions a home theater of cinematic proportions It is not unusual for homeowners to create a room or space…

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A new way to work

CapeSpace in Hyannis offers innovative professional offices with chic coastal flair As the trend toward working remotely continues to rise,…

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Dive into some of the best bookstores

There’s nothing like the feel of a book in your hands—the smell of the pages, especially if it’s an old…

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The perfect getaway

  Visitors come to Cape Cod for a variety of reasons—some are here for beauty of the landscape, some for…

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The best scoops around town

There is perhaps no other food that is more synonymous with summer than ice cream, and when it comes to…

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Life change listings

Being a business owner on Cape Cod offers the rare opportunity to work where you play and play where you…

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Limited space, lots of comfort

To satisfy their clients’ requests—which included  views of the water—REEF aimed for the sky! On a postage-stamp sized lot in…

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It’s All In The Details

Cape designer offers a few helpful tips on creating beautiful, cohesive interior design. When putting the finishing touches on a room,…

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