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Farm to Table: The Buffalo Jump

The Buffalo Jump

The Buffalo Jump started as a pop-up concept in 2016, offering seasonal dinners with a focus on sustainable, local ingredients. “After two years of ‘popping up’ at Coonamessett Farm, we made it official,” says Chef Laura Higgins-Baltzley with a laugh. 

The Buffalo Jump is now a brick-and-mortar restaurant, located right on Coonamessett Farm, that offers breakfast and lunch seven days a week from April to January as well as a tasting menu dinner service Thursday through Sunday. Family owned and operated, The Buffalo Jump is led by chefs Brandon Baltzley and Falmouth native Laura Higgins-Baltzley. “Our main goals are to provide a welcoming experience for people to learn more about the food of the area and where it comes from,” says Laura. “We do a lot in regards to sustainability. We compost, we source our food ethically, and we try to teach others the process as well.”

“We try to tell stories with food,” explains Laura. “The stories are those of the chefs’ travels, meshed with the cultural make-up of Cape Cod.” What exactly does that look like? It’s a little bit of everything—from Portuguese to Colonial English, it’s cuisine that embraces diversity and celebrates that through fresh ingredients grown right on Cape Cod. “I love the idea of bringing my travels and experiences back to the community that raised me and fortifying the ‘pot,’” say Laura.

“Being a restaurant on a farm has its definite perks and allows us to constantly bend and shift the way the produce grows. We have opportunities to pick things in their unripe stage as well as their prime stage, allowing for us to utilize preservation practices along the way,” explains Laura, who describes running a restaurant on the Cape as challenging but rewarding in the variety of people that come through the door and take part in the community and spirit that Laura and Brandon are building. 

“We like guests to take away a complete experience and understanding of how their food comes to be,” says Laura. “Making people smile when they eat is the best part. Happiness, a good laugh at a joke told through a presentation at dinner, an understanding of how the food got to the plate—those things make the hours worth it.”

To learn more, visit or call 508-361-2361.

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