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Farm to Table

Farm to Table…with Love

Farm to Table is a movement that’s sweeping the food world, and here on Cape Cod, where rich farmland abounds and fresh ingredients are always at the ready, eating locally grown food has never been easier

The farm-to-table movement is one that supports not only local producers but also consumers, who can be sure that the meals they put in their bodies are as flavorful as they are fresh and nutritional. Chefs across the Cape and Islands are finding inventive ways to create exciting dishes while featuring locally sourced ingredients as the stars of each dish.

In these pages we profile five trendy spots that are bringing sustainability, healthy eating and community to the forefront of the conversation for foodies across the region. From seafood to shellfish, produce to poultry, these five organizations are serving up delicious meals in a mindful manner, doing their best to ensure that guests understand and appreciate just where their tasty dish is coming from. 

Dining at one of these fun local places means a meal that is good for you and good for Cape Cod. So if you’re looking for your next great meal—one that you can be sure has some thought put into it—consider one of these options!

The Buffalo Jump
Chatham Bars Inn Farm
The Farmer’s Table
Truro Vineyards

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