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You saw the boathouse…now check out the rest of this home on Arey’s Pond!

The kids’ room, located directly above the master, features three beds with plenty of space for the three boys. The kids also have a view of the lake, so they can start planning their adventures from their beds. Boat blueprint wallpaper in the bathroom paired with porthole- inspired mirrors and weathered wood cabinets gives the bathroom a unique nautical theme.

Guests at the house have options when it comes to living quarters. The second floor offers two guest rooms, each with a distinct style; one with exposed beams, warm white decor and bedding, the other with white walls and beams, an exposed brick fireplace, navy accents and a private balcony overlooking the pond.  A guest bathroom takes the best of both with white walls and granite, and blue cabinets, connecting the two rooms. While high ceilings are envied, McPhee decided to lower the already high ceilings of the first floor to create more room on the second for the second guest room.

For those who want more privacy and flexibility, a guest suite in the lower level provides guests their own private getaway with a kitchenette and bathroom. “That’s a fun use of space; it’s a great space for when they have guests that are maybe staying a little longer, they can have their own space,” says McPhee. “It’s also a spot the kids can utilize as they get older.” With a private entrance off the side of the house and their own patio, visitors can relax in this clean, cool, comfortable suite when they need some peace and quiet. 

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