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Covid-19 Update: We have amended our publication schedule including combining the Cod LIFE May issue with our 2020 Cape Cod HOME Early Summer issue and combining our 2020 Cape Cod LIFE July and August issues into one expanded issue. If you have questions about how these changes will impact your subscription, please email us.

You saw the boathouse…now check out the rest of this home on Arey’s Pond!

A boathouse on the pond (featured in the 2019 Cape Cod HOME Summer issue) provides another getaway, with a three-season porch, a kitchenette and bathroom. Currently used as an office for the homeowner, the boathouse was built to be multifunctional. Future plans include turning it into an escape for the children, a place to be by the water (and out of the house). 

With a little work, and a lot of love, this Orleans hideaway was transformed into the entertainment oasis that it is today on peaceful Arey’s Pond.

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