Author: Larry Lindner

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Storybook Ending

A woman’s investment property becomes her forever home. The owner, a pilot for Cape Air, never intended to live in the house.…

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Anthony Paul Filiberto: In Broad Strokes

An artist who lived as large as he painted. There is a notion of the artist as a quiet recluse…

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Michael Marrinan

Michael Marrinan did not have time to be interviewed. A couple from New Jersey was coming by to pick up…

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Michael McGuire

You can blame the bright hot yellows and oranges in some of Michael McGuire’s more recent works at least in…

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Curtis Speer

It was only 11 years ago that Curtis Speer’s boss laughed at him when he told her he was leaving…

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2021 Emerging Artist: Colin McGuire

Not to sound crass, but want a hot tip? Buy a Colin McGuire. Some of his paintings are already selling…

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ACK and You Shall Receive

This booking service will make your Nantucket stay just right. It’s the Tuesday of the last week in July, and…

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A Subtle Case of the Blues

In the wrong hands, a palette of blue and white by the coast can become a tedious cliché.  In the…

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Art For Art’s Sake

When sourcing the perfect pieces for unique homes, those in the know turn to John Kirby’s team at Boston Art. With the…

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