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2014 BRICC Awards

2014 BRICC Awards

By Mary Stanley | November 25, 2014

The red carpet was rolled out last month to 200 guests who attended the 2014 BRICC (Building and Remodeling Industry of Cape Cod) Awards at the Ridge Club in Sandwich.…

Winter 2014

Winter Bright

By Susan Dewey | November 20, 2014

The palette of Cape Cod’s landscape has a surprising beauty in the winter, both in perennial gardens and in our natural and cultivated landscapes. In the flower gardens, beauty remains…

November December 2014

Seaside Decorating for the Holidays

By Susan Dewey | October 28, 2014

Fanciful octopuses with glittery tentacles dancing on a hallway table. Holiday tablescapes brightened by silvery starfish. Tiny  wooden squirrels peeking out of autumnal mantel garlands. And all the glory of…

Autumn 2014

Heartfelt Home in Hyannisport

By Laurel Kornhiser | October 2, 2014

“Sweet” is the adjective Douglas Dick, principal of LDa Architects and Interiors of Cambridge and Chatham, often employs when describing the late nineteenth-century Hyannisport cottage he renovated for a world-traveling…

The Porch Life

The Porch Life

By Susan Dewey | September 26, 2014

Porches carry us away from our solitary computer screens and cell phones. On porches, the world flows by and for once, we don’t have to comment, tweet, or post. We…

Osterville Oasis

An Osterville Oasis

By Susan Dewey | September 18, 2014

When architect Doreve Nicholaeff of Nicholaeff Architecture & Design was chosen to design a sprawling summer compound on Osterville’s “Gold Coast,” she knew that the main house, guest house, and…

When Past Shapes Present, Cape Cod HOME Summder 2014 | capecodlife.com

When Past Shapes Present

By Laurel Kornhiser | July 7, 2014

The dogwood tree—the site of an occasional family pig roast on summer days—was one untouchable sacred cow, recounts Mark Hutker, speaking of a home he and Gregory Ehrman, a senior…

Inspired by the Bay, Cape Cod HOME Summder 2014 | capecodlife.com

Inspired by the Bay

By Mary Stanley | July 6, 2014

A beautiful summer cottage overlooking Cape Cod Bay is a shining example of the success that can happen when a homeowner’s vision meets a build and design team’s creative ingenuity.…

Restoring a Classic, Cape Cod HOME Early Summer 2014 | capecodlife.com

Restoring a Classic

By Charlotte Roth | June 1, 2014

A century ago, this classic Provincetown home overlooking Cape Cod Bay was a distinctive residence in the historic Cape Cod seaport. The stucture’s rich nautical heritage dates back to its…

Beautiful Things

In Search of Beautiful Things

By Amanda Wastrom | April 16, 2014

One of the triumphs of Provincetown is that in the face of ever rising real estate values and a national trend to cede downtown retail spaces to national chains (see…

Home By All

Home By All

By Laura McMahon | April 15, 2014

 September 28, 2013 marked the completion of one of the most ambitious building projects the Cape has seen in years. Known as Blitz Build, the Home Builders and Remodelers Association…

Eden by the Sea, Cape Cod HOME Spring 2014 | capecodlife.com

Eden by the Sea

By Sara Hoagland Hunter | April 7, 2014

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and her husband, Paul, could have chosen any exquisite corner of the globe as the summer holiday retreat for their growing family. They were the original post-war power…

A Grand Synergy

A Grand Synergy

By Laurel Kornhiser | April 1, 2014

A Pleasant Bay home combines the best of nature with Polhemus Savery DaSilva’s architectural innovation, creating a showcase for the homeowners’ art and furniture collections—and a cherished retreat for their…

Reap What You Sow

Reap What You Sow

By Susan Dewey | April 1, 2014

Starting your own vegetables from seed is time consuming—but worth the work—for Cape Cod gardens The pleasure of vegetable gardening never grows old. Even on Cape Cod—where variable soil conditions…

Spring Eternal

Spring Eternal

By Susan Dewey | March 15, 2014

A photo essay on the perennial pleasure of spring flowers that thrive on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket Spring comes so slowly to the Cape and Islands. The frigid…

Hydrangea Happy

Hydrangea Happy

By Susan Dewey | March 1, 2014

Almost every Cape and Islands landscape features Hydrangeas, from the classic blue “Mophead” varieties, on to the newer cultivars in a range of colors and sizes. In today’s nurseries there…

a Nantucket Scrimshaw Artist

Lyrical Island Treasures

By Matthew J. Gill | December 15, 2013

For those unfamiliar with the craft, the art of etching or carving designs into whale’s teeth (ivory) or bone is known as scrimshaw, and those who practice this art are…

A Seamless Connection

A Seamless Connection

By Mary Stanley | December 1, 2013

A distinctive home in cummaquid is the foundation for a new cape cod design/build team. Tucked away at the end of a small road off Route 6A in Cummaquid is a…