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The bounty of the season: Articles on farmers and food artisans

The Bounty of the Season: Articles on farmers and food artisans throughout the Cape & Islands, September/October 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

Natural practices, delicious results: Cape Cod Organic Farm – Barnstable

According to Tim Friary, making a living as an organic farmer can be challenging, both on the back and the budget, but the benefits can be plentiful. “I’m weeding today—and it’s just a pleasure,” Friary says with a laugh. The owner of Cape Cod Organic Farm in Barnstable Village, Friary always has nutrient-rich organic produce available for his family, and he believes it tastes better than foods grown non-organically.

The farm is Certified Organic, which means it meets several state-regulated specifications, including the exclusion of pesticides and chemicals. “I was never a conventional farmer,” Friary says. “For me, organic farming was just a natural decision.” Friary grows a variety of fruits and vegetables—from strawberries and watermelons to asparagus and onions—as well as flowers and herbs such as parsley and cilantro. For a taste, visitors can stop by the farm stand, which is open daily, or sign up for a weekly share in the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture program.

Friary also raises heritage breed pigs for pork. He says the breed is often overlooked in favor of others that became more popular with the ascent of industrial agriculture in the late 18th century. Industrial, or “factory,” farming looks for longer, leaner, more uniform pig breeds that can be raised in confinement, but Friary explains that heritage breeds can vary in size even within a single litter. “These pigs went out of vogue,” he says. Heritage breed pigs have a strong immune system, though, and thrive on pasture, so they do not have to be raised in enclosed spaces and, according to Friary, are perfect animals for an organic farm. The breed continues to dwindle worldwide, so by purchasing heritage breed pork chops and ribs, sausages and hot dogs—all available at the farm stand—customers are helping to both continue the line and encourage diversity amongst livestock.

Despite all the work, Friary enjoys his job and hopes visitors stop by for a look. “They can bring their kids to experience what farming is,” he says, “a hard but rewarding way to make a living.” Allyson Plessner

Cape Cod Organic Farm is at 3675 Main Street in Barnstable. For more information, call 508-362-3573, or visit

Bonus online recipe: Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Cranberries and Swiss Chard

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