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The bounty of the season: Articles on farmers and food artisans

The Bounty of the Season: Articles on farmers and food artisans throughout the Cape & Islands, September/October 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

Are you game for an edible adventure? farm.field.sea – Martha’s Vineyard

Having grown up on her family’s apple orchard and surrounded by her mother’s gardens, Nevette Previd says the love she has for food is practically in her bones. Further, she feels that all foods—from shellfish to salmon, quinoa to kale—have a story. And the longtime Martha’s Vineyard resident believes that the island is the perfect place for individuals to “hear” those stories and to learn more about the foods they eat while embarking upon an edible adventure.

Previd is the owner of farm.field.sea, an island organization that offers activities, tours and events throughout the year with the goal of inspiring a deeper curiosity among residents and visitors about where their food comes from. Previd and her staff arrange culinary tours, cooking and design workshops, and group retreats at venues across the island where attendees can meet Vineyard farmers, food purveyors and culinary artisans. One might describe the organization as the “farm-to-table” movement in practice.

farm.field.sea’s clients can actively participate in a local harvest, and then prepare the food side by side with an island chef. Additional activities include clamming outings, oyster-shucking sessions, and learning some tricks in a wild cocktail workshop. With each, Previd says she hopes her clients enjoy a “360-degree” experience where they learn about the food they eat while having fun in the process. “I hope when they go home they really look at their food differently and understand what goes into the things that eventually grace their plates,” she says. “We really try to get people in touch with their food—and the story behind it.”

farm.field.sea also organizes private events that can be customized to coincide with the season or popular cooking trends. For example, recent activities have introduced groups to the daily practices of fish and shellfish farming as well as the science behind harvesting shiitake mushrooms. This fall, the organization is scheduling classes in charcuterie and bread making, as well as cooking workshops featuring the Vineyard’s autumn bounty. –Rachel Ayotte

For more information about the organization, call 508-687-9012, or visit

Bonus online recipe: Summer Cucumber Gazpacho

Get a taste for island living:

Living Local Harvest Fest • September 22-23 •

Columbus Day Vineyard Artisans Festival • October 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. •

Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival • October 19-22 •

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