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Back to the Garden

If it’s true, as poet T.S. Eliot famously wrote, “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain,” then June is the remedy to nature’s malice, when colors bloom and the first harvests fill our tables with the sweet fruits—and vegetables—born of weeks-long gestation. At Chatham Bars Inn Farm in Brewster, just over ten miles north of the resort, June represents the culmination of renewal, and the first Farm-to-Table Dinner of the year, held most appropriately in ...

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The Hero With 1,000 Colors

The Hero’s Journey is a story framework that arose from human desires to understand meaning and purpose in life and has evolved to the point of near ubiquity, especially in Hollywood. It’s a pattern that author Joseph Campbell found in folklore and mythology from cultures as diverse as Native American nations, ancient Greece, and feudal Japan. The hero begins life in an ordinary world that’s usually boring and safe. Within this banal setting, a circumstance or messenger challenges the hero to leave home and embark upon a quest. As Dorothy ...
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    Dine with spectacular views and delicious food.

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Young at Heart

An unlikely couple finds real happiness and shares their special day at Osterville’s Nauticus Marina.

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Out & About: Fragile

The literal and figurative fires racism ignites will be the focus of the Cape Cod Museum of Art’s exhibit “Fragile,” featuring the paintings of artists Frank Angibo and Richard Neal, and the poetry of writer and visual artist Lauren Wolk. 

Every Oyster has its Pearl

Poet and Philosopher Meaghan and Taylor Quinn tie the knot on Cape Cod, where their relationship began.

Day Trip: Outer Cape

A visit to the Outer Cape provides a real and tangible feeling of venturing to a singular landscape that moves to its own beat.

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Sea Through

A dream Cape escape is completed for a large family–who will have lived all over the world–but whose “home” has always been right here.

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Special Spaces: Take the Plunge

Karen Larson, founder of Soake® Pools, alongside Jay MacMullan, owner of MainStay Landscape, turned this Cotuit homeowner’s dream of a little backyard oasis into a reality.

Shorethings: At the Corner of Home Owners and Home Builders

Connecting homeowners to reputable contractors and service providers.

The Promise

Fortune favors those who find themselves in Maushop Village; even more those like Allyson Muller, who found the inspiration here to achieve her perfect fairy tale.

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The Artist Whisperer

With the help of world-famous designer Ken Fulk, a storied Provincetown house for creatives opens its doors once more.

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Artist Profile: Debra Birtwell

“I don’t ever use black. I use the white of the paper,” Debra offers. “If you study painting with me,…

Artist Profile: Joseph Conrad-Ferm

It was an art elective that kept Yarmouth Port painter Joseph Conrad-Ferm from receiving his high school diploma. “I didn’t…

Artist Profile: Betsy Payne Cook

Betsy Payne Cook, an artist who paints exclusively in pastels, and a teacher who’s taught students of all ages, says,…

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By King or Storm

Two Cape growers, Sandwich’s Bob King and Provincetown’s Stormy Mayo, share the straight scoop on growing magnificent Dahlias.

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Sea & Soil and Frost & Found

Two floral designers interpret their passion for flowers and the natural world with unique perspectives.

Blooming at the Water’s Edge

Landscape Designer Maria Hickey sets a seaside embankment ablaze with blooms!

Encompassed by Nature

Sudbury Design Group transforms a tranquil property on Fox Island in Osterville, a project that reflects the natural allure of this Cape gem.