special spaces

Special Spaces: A Cozy Mudroom

A mudroom is traditionally a home’s secondary entryway, a place you track in dirt, take off your shoes and unpack…

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Special Spaces: Hen House

Hen House by Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders Providing all of the comforts of home within just 450 square feet…

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Special Spaces: Writer’s Shack by South Mountain Company

South Mountain Company of Martha’s Vineyard has the solution for dreaded writer’s block, and it’s not what you might expect.…

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Special Spaces: Chatham Beach Bar Cabana

Next up in our exploration of Special Spaces is a backyard playground for adults. The backdrop is the second home…

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Special Spaces: Cotuit Bunkhouse

Online only: See more photos of the Cotuit Bunkhouse! Special Spaces Home is a place that embodies countless definitions for…

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Changing Spaces

  A family moves from one home to another, taking their belongings and their memories Online only: Extensive photo gallery…

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Small Spaces Big Ideas

<blockquote class=”lead”>Local professionals prove even small kitchens can boast big design.</blockquote> “The truth is that big kitchens are just easier to design,”…

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